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FFFAIL An Exhibition about Failure

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
– Thomas A. Edison

Today’s pressure to perform and the relentless pursuit of perfection leads to an ubiquitous fear of failure in our society. But is failure all that bad? Or is it a necessary process towards success?
My colleagues and I tried to find answers to questions like these and presented them in this exhibition. I was mainly responsible for the two interactive exhibits BrainMaze and WhiteNoise which you see above.


  • Ideas
  • Exhibit Construction
  • Programming
  • Electronics


  • Arduino
  • XBEE
  • Ableton Live


Ideas are fickle! Once you have one, getting it out of your head is a whole other story. “BrainMaze” turns this dilemma into a game with deeper meaning. The visitors try to get the ball, metaphoric for an idea, out of the maze.
They do so by controlling the tilt of the brain with an academic hat. The hat is equipped with a tilt sensor and a wireless radio, which sends its data to the brain. This, in turn, mimics the tilt via a system of motors and strings. Only if the visitors use their head correctly, will they manage to get to the idea out of the maze.


Too much of a good thing. Often, failure in a project, is the result of piling on. Meaning it too well can result in overkill or white noise, the sum of all frequencies. “WhiteNoize” exemplifies this. The visitor wears headphones and turns the knob. First you hear a musical track. The more you turn, the more tracks you hear simultaneously. Keep turning and the sum of frequencies adds up to white noise.At this point, unlike reality, you can push the panic button to return to the blissful state of a white canvas, a clean slate, one simple ambient track. Thanks goes to Felix Sturmberger and Jürgen Kloihofer for supplying the audio tracks.

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Urbane Diversität An exhibition about gentrification

Project Info

“Urbane Diversität” or “Urban Diversity” is an interactive exhibition about Gentrification. The challenge was to design an immersive experience around a complex topic. We put particular emphasis on a positively engaging approach, rather than an instructive one. The exhibits ranged from a graffiti wall over illustrated ideas for interventions in the city to printed materials.

I was mainly in charge of the interactive exhibits, which were made using a 3D-Printer, a laser cutter, vvvv, Arduino and an array of custom built electronics. And of course lots of wood and plexiglas.

This was my master project at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg in the program MultiMediaArt.


  • Idea / Concept
  • 3D Modeling
  • Programming
  • Electronics
  • Exhibition Design


  • vvvv & Firmata
  • Arduino
  • Custom electronics
  • Cinema4D
  • Adobe Suite
  • 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter


Touch a district and it lights up. Each one represents a relevant player in the gentrification process. The interface displays information about it’s role in the process. When you touch a second one, it also lights up and the screen displays the correlation between the two.

The main buildings were 3D printed. The surrounding ones are represented by plexiglas blocks, resulting in an nice lighting effect.

IMG_7373 IMG_7665


This exhibit brings you closer to the stories actual residents have to tell. Ring the bell and the respective room lights up. The residents tell stories about their living situation and position in the gentrification process. This project was virtually given birth to by a laser cutter. The wood and plexiglas were both laser cut and meticulously glued in place.

StoryHouse StoryHouseFrontal-01-small


The Build


This graphic shows the working process of the entire project.
It consists of four regions:
1) Literary Research
2) Social Research
3) Strategy
4) Implementation & Exposure.


One of the many challenges was getting the models for printing just right. The walls had to be thin enough for light to shine through, but thick enough so the model wouldn’t break when pushed.


All of the logic was done in vvvv using the firmata node to control and read the arduinos.


The circuits were custom built to coordinate LED-strips, light bulbs, buttons and piezo sensors.

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A selection of projects

Urbane Diversität

Urbane Diversität An exhibition about gentrification

Urbane Diversität An exhibition about gentrification


Who I am and what I do

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I am a creative technologist and motiongraphics designer based in Vienna. I love creating visually pleasing content and building engaging interactive experiences. I am passionate about the entire open source movement, be it soft- or hardware, and enjoy developing concepts that transcend the barriers between art and design.


During and after my Mastersdegree in MultimediaArt (MMA) in Salzburg I have worked for Red Bull (Salzburg), Strukt (Vienna) and Gate11 (Munich). Additionally I have worked on Exhibitions for Waldklang in Salzburg and various independent projects. Scroll down for "hard skills".


The best ideas develop in interdisciplinary environments. The old can become the new by mixing and matching diverse mindsets in creative teams or rethinking and transforming existing concepts. Communication is based on a clear mutual understanding between creators, clients, and users.


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After Effects
Ableton Live


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